Southern IPM Center Committees

Standing committees

The Center has two standing committees:

The Advisory Council (AC) consists of a diverse array of stakeholders from across the region. AC members provide strong communications links between SRIPMC and stakeholder groups as well as among various stakeholder groups. The AC is an important avenue for promoting two-way communications. The Advisory Council meets twice each year to review Center progress, suggest priorities and otherwise advises Center staff and the Steering Committee, which sets policy.

The Steering Committee (SC) consists of approximately twelve voting members and ten non-voting members and meets semi-annually. The Steering Committee provides guidance for executive decisions and administrative management, determines how to implement policies from Advisory Council, and determines the application of priorities to Center efforts through the selection of activities that promote the focus areas recommended by the Advisory Council.

Ad hoc committees

Ad hoc committees and working groups may be appointed from time to time by the Advisory Council or the Steering Committee. Volunteers are encouraged to contact center staff. As of June 2005, we have the following active committees:

AC committee to investigate solicitation of support funds

SC committee to develop a workshop for 1890 Land Grant Universities

AC committee on development of SRIPMC priorities and strategies