Southern IPM Center Staff

No one person can have all of the expertise and skills needed for the diverse activities of a regional center. These activities include general management, grants management, overall IPM field and technology knowledge, pesticide regulation and use experience, and telecommunications expertise. We have chosen to partition these responsibilities among five positions, not all full-time within the Center, but all with full-time responsibilities to Center-related activities.

PI and Co-Director: Dr. Danesha Seth Carley (e-mail) 919-513-8189
Dr. Carley is responsible for overall leadership of the Center and management of competitive grants programs. She is also Associate Director of the NSF Center for IPM (CIPM) and an Assistant Professor in Horticultural Science, NC State University. Her research, academic, and outreach programs focus on Sustainable Managed Landscapes. Recent projects include working on the restoration of historic Pinehurst No. 2 Golf Course, pollinator protection and habitat conservation, and water-stress tolerance in turfgrass and ornamental shrubs. 

Co-Director: Joe LaForest (e-mail) 229-386-3298
Joseph LaForest provides day-to-day leadership of our electronic networking and issues-support initiative (Facilitation of Innovation Through Technology, or FITT). Joe is the IPM Program Coordinator at the Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health, commonly referred to as “the Bugwood Network” or “Bugwood”. He has a B.S. in Urban Forestry and graduated from the Ohio State University with two Masters degrees (Entomology and Plant Pathology). For the past 6 years, Joe has managed the Bugwood Image Database and the image recruitment projects to better illustrate organisms of concern to agriculture. He provides oversight and training for the BugwoodWiki. He continues work on improvements to the functionality of all Bugwood systems to serve the needs of specific audiences and develop web services to extend the assets contained in the Bugwood systems to other programs.

Associate Director: Henry Fadamiro (e-mail) 334-844-5098
Henry Fadamiro is a Professor in the Department of Entomology and Plant Pathology, Auburn University, Alabama. In 2004, he was appointed State IPM Coordinator for the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. He has served the Southern IPM Center over the years in various capacities including as State Contact, grant panelist, member and Chairperson of the Advisory Council, and member of the Steering Committee. As Associate Director, Henry will continue leadership of the Small Farms Working Group (SFWG), administer the Friends of Southern IPM recognition program, act as liason with SERA-03 (Southern IPM Coordinators Working Group), and assist with overall planning and leadership of the Center.

Director of Communication: Kayla Watson (e-mail)
Kayla facilitates the flow of resources and information in integrated pest management through videos, articles, podcasts, social media, web design/restructure, and other communication avenues for the Southern region.  She has a B.S. in Communication Studies from Appalachian State University and earned a Masters of Communication from North Carolina State in 2016.  Along with her role at the center, Kayla also works as an adjunct communication instructor for Appalachian State University and plays in the Raleigh Concert Band.

Database Programmer: Robin Boudwin (e-mail) 919-513-0494
Robin comes to us with more than 20 years of ColdFusion application development experience in the design of Web content management systems, network design and support, and Web application development. She received her degree in civil engineering from Louisiana State University with an emphasis on Environmental Engineering.  Robin is currently developing and supporting the National IPM Database application for the Southern IPM Center which includes Crop Profiles, Pest Management Strategic Plans, Timelines, and Elements.

Database Programmer: Alex Belskis (e-mail) 919-513-8183
Alex maintains the SIPMC Web site and database applications, including the SIPMC proposal and project reporting system. He has worked with the NSF Center for IPM as a programmer since 2005.

Impact Evaluation Specialist: Jean-Jacques Dubois (e-mail) 919-515-0496
Originally from Belgium, Jean-Jacques held previous research positions with USDA Agricultural Research Service and the Air Quality Division of the EPA. He is responsible fordocumenting economic, environmental and human health impacts from IPM in the region and assisting with success stories; conducting regional training sessions on impact evaluation; and assisting project PIs with collecting data to assist in evaluating their projects. He will also evaluate the impact of SIPMC and iPIPE activities.