Index of Southern Exposure Newsletter


    If you're looking for news from the Southern IPM Center, we replaced our PDF newsletter in 2012 with a news blog, IPM in the South. Now, however, you can also get the news you want delivered right to your e-mail inbox. Go to and click the choices that you want. We have four separate newsletters:

  • "Featured" includes success stories, important IPM news and commentary on IPM topics and appears in your inbox on the 1st of every month.
  • "News" includes headlines from agricultural and urban news sources related to IPM in general and appears in your inbox every week on Monday morning.
  • "Funding" includes news about funding opportunities and appears in your inbox when new material is posted.
  • "Jobs" includes new employment opportunities in IPM-related fields and appears in your inbox when a new post is added.

IPM in the South includes all four categories of news, so if you don't want repeated e-mails, you can follow us at or through Twitter at

The list below includes all of our archived newsletters from 2004-2011.

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