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Request ID: 100
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Jan 12, 2005
Request: Please note the request for information on typical rates of 2,4-D on rangeland/pastureland from EPA via Harold Coble of USDA's OPMP. Also note that they would like a response as soon as possible. Thanks. Steve Toth ------------------------------------ From: Harold Coble Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 Subject: FW: 2,4-D typical rates Hey guys, Mark Seaton has asked for info on "typical" use rates for 2,4-D on pasture and range. I think it is around 1.0 lb ai/A, but if you have additional info, it would be appreciated. Probably need a pretty quick turn around on this one. Harold -----Original Message----- From: [] Subject: 2,4-D typical rates Hi Harold, Can you direct us toward information on typical use rates for 2,4-D on rangeland/pastureland? Thanks in advance. CDR Mark J. Seaton, USPHS Chemical Review Manager U.S. EPA/OPP/SRRD/RBII phone: 703/306-0469 fax: 703/308-8041

Responder: Darrell Hensley
State: TN
Date Requested: Jan 12, 2005
Response: In TN, usage ranges from 0.2175 to 0.87 lbs ai per acre of 2,4-D in grass pastures per application in the spring. Fall rates are normally greater from 0.76125 to 1.74 lbs ai/acre. Usually, no more than 3 lbs ai per acre per year are applied to grass pastures. DH

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: FL
Date Requested: Jan 12, 2005
Response: In Florida, we apply 2,4-D post during establishment and/or post on established pastures. During the establishment period, the rates generally range from 0.4 to 0.9 pounds acid equivalents per acre (lb ae/A). For established pasture, the rates are double that (0.8 to 1.6 lb ae/A). Let me know if you need anymore info. Mark Mossler UF/IFAS Pesticide Info. Office Gainesville, FL 32611

Responder: Mike Weaver
State: VA
Date Requested: Jan 12, 2005
Response: Our pest management guide for permanent pastures recommends 1.0 - 1.5 lbs of 2-4-D per acre dependent upon what you are trying to control. Here is the remarks section from permanent pastures for 2,4-D... Annual and perennial - 1.0-1.5 lb LVE, OSA or amine Apply when weeds are weeds including aster, actively growing. Use buttercup, burdock, lower rates on annuals and chicory, crane┬╣s bill, biennials and higher rates daisy fleabane, dandelion, for perennials. dog fennel, elderberry, evening primrose, goatsbeard, goldenrod, hawkweed, horseweed, wild lettuce, dock seedlings, musk thistle, mustards, pepperweed, pennycress, plantains, spotted knapweed, wild carrot, and wild parsnip. Dependent upon the weed, our recommendations indicate to go above these rates in certain situations. I have attached the section from our pest management guide on pastures for Harold's use. I hope this helps. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. Michael J. Weaver, Professor and Director Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs Department of Entomology 34 Agnew Hall - 0409 Blacksburg, VA 24061-0409 phone (1-540-231-6543) fax (1-540-231-3057) e-mail ( program websites ( - department websites (

Responder: John Boyd
State: AR
Date Requested: Jan 12, 2005
Response: 0.5 to 1.0 lb ai/ac John Boyd Extension Weed Scientist University of Arkansas PO Box 391 Little Rock AR 72203 Office: 501-671-2224 Cell: 501-944-0951 Fax: 501-671-2252 UPS: 2301 S. University

Responder: Darrell Hensley
State: KY
Date Requested: Jan 13, 2005
Response: To: Darrell Hensley From: Bill Witt The normal 2,4-D rate for pastures in KY is one pound, rarely higher. Hope this is useful. William W. Witt Weed Science University of Kentucky 859-257-5020 X 80745

Responder: Robert Bellinger
State: SC
Date Requested: Jan 14, 2005
Response: Our pasture weed specialist says that for us (SC) the "typical" rate is 0.5 lbs. ai/A.

Responder: Steve Toth
State: NC
Date Requested: Jan 14, 2005
Response: The rates of 2,4-D recommended for use in pastures in North Carolina is 0.5 to 1.0 pounds a.i. per acre. Steve Toth Extension Entomologist and Associate Director, Southern Region IPM Center North Carolina State University Campus Box 7613 Raleigh, NC 27695-7613 Telephone: 919-515-8879 E-mail:

Responder: Mark Matocha
State: TX
Date Requested: Jan 14, 2005
Response: 2,4-D is a very important herbicide for cost effective broadleaf weed control in Texas pastures and rangelands. Labeled rates of 2,4-D amine are 0.7-1.9 lb ai/A. Typical use rates for amine are usually 0.6-0.95 lb ai/A. 2,4-D ester formulations contain more pounds per gallon and accordingly have slightly higher typical use rates, ranging from 1.0-2.0 lb ai/A. Mark A. Matocha Extension Program Specialist - AES 115 Agronomy Field Lab College Station, TX 77843-2488 phone: (979)845-3849 fax: (979)845-6251

Responder: Charles Luper
State: OK
Date Requested: Jan 18, 2005
Response: I recived these responses to the 2,4-D questions from our area specialists and Extension weed specialist. Charles: For most pasture weeds, My standard recommendation is 3/4 of a pound of 2,4-D. With some specific weed species rates can go up to 2 lbs. A typical rate for common weeds in Okla. would be 0.75 lb ai/A. Case In pastures and range, most use a mix with banvel or tordon. Those mixes have about 1 #/ac of 2,4-D

Responder: Paul Guillebeau
State: GA
Date Requested: Jan 21, 2005
Response: 2,4-D applied alone is usually at 1.0 lb. ai/acre. In GA, Grazon P+D (picloram + 2,4-D) is widely used. 2,4-D per acre rates in this pre-mixed product are 0.5 (2.0 pts./acre) and 0.75 (3.0 pts./acre) lbs. ai/acre. The 2,4-D rate in Weed Master at normal use rate of 2.0 pts./acre is 0.75 lbs. ai/acre. In GA, 2,4-D alone is rarely applied at rates above 1.0 lb. ai/acre. Tim M Tim, Do you have any info that could help these guys? Thanks Note: I have received some difficult viruses via e-mail attachments. I will no longer open e-mail with an attachment unless you notify me first. Sorry for any inconvenience. This information is provided by the University of Georgia Cooperative Extension Service. We Put Knowledge to Work Dr. Paul Guillebeau, IPM/Pesticide Coordinator Department of Entomology University of Georgia Athens GA 30602 706-542-9031 FAX 542-3872

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