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Request ID: 106
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Jan 28, 2005
Request: The following is a request from Kent Smith, USDA's Office of Pest Management Policy regarding the critical use of PCNB fungicide. Please forward this to the experts in your state/territory for their input. Please submit any replies to the Electronic Information Requests System or me. I will collect the responses and submit them to Kent Smith. Thanks. Steve Toth --------------------- PCNB is a fungicide used primarily as a seed treatment, soil drench or spray to control damping-off, stem rots, and root rots. EPA is at the stage of reregistration of PCNB where they must explore both the risks and the benefits of PCNB use of each labeled crop/site. Their goal is to create as little economic impact as possible, yet achieve the desired level of risk mitigation. They have requested information about the critical nature of pest control with PCNB on the following sites. cotton garlic ornamentals (nursery and non-nursery) peanuts peppers potatoes snapbeans (foliar applications especially) soybeans tomatoes turf (residential, commercial, residential, golf course, etc.) Could you forward this request to the appropriate experts in each state in your region? Please ask them to send me any information about the critical nature of pest control with PCNB on any of the above sites. If possible, please indicate the: 1) Crop and pest that are critical 2) Why it is critical 3) The needed rate of application 4) The approximate percent crop acreage treated in your region (indicate the region) 5) Alternative tools available to manage the pest problem and their usefulness 6) Your association and contact information I will collate your answers and forward them to EPA. However, If you would like to speak directly to the review manager for PCNB at the EPA, contact: Jill Bloom, 703-308-8019, She will be happy to talk with you. Thank you, Kent L. Smith

Responder: Paul Vincelli
State: KY
Date Requested: Jan 31, 2005
Response: Dr. Kent Smith: With respect to your request for input on PCNB in turf, although it is labeled for numerous diseases, the only use I would consider important (not critical, but important) is for controlling large patch of zoysia caused by Rhizoctonia solani. Zoysia is becoming increasingly common for use as a fairway grass in Kentucky, in part because it needs much less fungicide usage than other possible choices of grass such as perennial ryegrass or creeping bentgrass. However, this disease is the one substantial disease risk. There are several effective products that are available; see for more information. However, PCNB is widely used because of its low cost. In my computer simulations (see attached), I did find a significant risk to quality of surface waters from this fungicide, so this would be something to consider. Please contact me if you need more information. Paul Vincelli, Extension Professor University of Kentucky 859-257-7445 x80722
Attachment included in response [Download]

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: FL
Date Requested: Feb 07, 2005
Response: Here is the response from our MAIN man with regard to fungicides/FL crops. I have only obtained one other response that also seems to place this material in a questionable light in terms of efficacy. Regards, Mark Mossler From: KUCHAREK,THOMAS A Sent: February 07, 2005 Subject: PCNB Fungicide Use in FL As far as PCNB is concerned, I have the following comments. PCNB is used by some for beans and a few other vegetables. It is not a dependable fungicide for suppression of Rhizoctonia spp. or Sclerotium rolfsii. It will serve no role for suppression of soybean rust. Tom Kucharek

Responder: Mac Gibbs
State: NC
Date Requested: Feb 24, 2005
Response: I feel there are 2000 acres of snap beans in Hyde County, North Carolina that are treated with mefenoxam + PCNB.I know other growers in the Northeast (North Carolina) are also using the same thing. I have one grower that is using Quadris for damping-off. I was informed by the seed suppliers that we can get seed treated with an insecticide and fungicide this year. What little work I have done with this, it looks like I will recommend this in the the future. I am putting in a test this spring looking at each product seperately and together along with untreated seed. Mac Gibbs County Extension Agent Hyde County, North Carolina

Responder: Charles Luper
State: OK
Date Requested: Feb 25, 2005
Response: Not a use for Oklahoma on turfgrasses. PCNB used to be used pretty often in peanuts in Oklahoma. I don't think it is used as much now as in the past. I would still think it had a use in disease managment in peanuts.

Responder: Robert (Bob)q Bellinger
State: SC
Date Requested: May 10, 2005
Response: Steve, FYI, While we have many of the crops listed and I sent this out to numerous individuals, I received no responses on this request. Bob Bellinger

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