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Request ID: 107
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Feb 15, 2005
Request: Note the following EPA request for useage information for the EBDC Fungicide Risk Assessment. Please circulate this request to interested parties in your state/territory. The request instructs interested parties to respond directly to EPA. If someone responds from your state/territory, try to have them copy us so we can document their response in our system. Thanks. Steve Toth ------------------------------------------ The EPA issued the risk assessment for the 3 EBDC fungicides (Maneb, Mancozeb and Metiram) in November 2004. They requested clarification for some uses during the risk mitigation phase. These uses included are potatoes, celery, processed toatoes, asparagus, cucumbers, squash and turf. Please see attached FRN link for more information. If you have any information you would like to share with the Agency, please submit it directly to the Docket; You may also contact the Chemical Review Managers; Tawanda Spears (Maneb and Metiram)- (703) 308-8050 Tony Britten (Mancozeb)- (703) 308-8179 Please note the comment period closes February 22, 2005. Thanks. Dhol Herzi Office of Pest Management Policy, USDA (202) 720-2664

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: FL
Date Requested: Mar 25, 2005
Response: MANCOZEB USE IN FLORIDA - EPA REQUESTS DOCKET # OPP-2004-0078 Sod farms in Florida are in production throughout the year. Since conditions are often conducive to plant disease establishment, it is of high probability that protective fungicide applications (such as mancozeb) are made throughout the year. No USDA NASS data exists for this site. Although mancozeb is available to home gardners in small quantity containers, Fl home gardners are generally more averse to insect injury for sweet corn than plant disease. Since it is a short crop to grow, home sweet corn production is not plants disease management intensive. Again, no USDA data exists for this site. Golf course use of mancozeb is usually on the tees and greens of a course (about 5% of the acreage). The rate is 0.4 lb ai/1,000 sq. ft. Stress and disease pressure are usually greatest during the summer months, at which time applications can be weekly or sub-weekly. No USDA data exists for this site. Since FL already has a 3-day PHI for mancozeb in potato, this question is not germane. However, FL is the number two producer nationally for both summer squash and fresh cucumber. For cucumber (7,500 acres), 11 to 56% of the crop is treated with mancozeb from 3 to 6 times. Annual usage amounts range between 4,100 and 6,100 pounds. For squash (12,000 acres), 20 to 60% of the crop is treated with mancozeb from 3 to 8 times. Annual usage amounts range between 14,500 and 23,500 pounds.

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