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Request ID: 110
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Mar 25, 2005
Request: Note the following request for information on the use of malathion for fly control around barns, refuse areas, and dumps. Please check with the experts in your respective state/territory and forward any responses to the Southern Region Information Request system. Teung Chin is asking for a response by early next week. Thanks. Steve Toth ------------------------------- The registrant has asked USDA to ascertain the use of malathion products for fly control around barns, refuse areas, and dumps. Your feedback could determine whether these uses are supported by the registrant or not. Are you aware if malathion is used widely in these areas? Please note that malathion is not being supported for livestock uses or any indoor sites such as poultry houses due to the costs of reregistration for these uses (an estimated million dollars to conduct animal metabolism and animal residue studies). I am sending this first to you all for quick, initial feedback before making a decision on a broader outreach to everyone in the IPM Regional Centers network. Could you let me know within a week? Thanks! Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Best regards, Teung F. Chin, Ph.D. Biological Scientist Office of Pest Management Policy Agricultural Research Service United States Department of Agriculture LOCATED AT: USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service 4700 River Road, Unit 149 (Room 5A66) Riverdale, MD 20737-1237 Phone (301) 734-8943 Fax (301) 734-5992

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: FL
Date Requested: Mar 25, 2005
Response: Teung: In checking with the ten or so livestock-oriented county extension people in Florida, they are confirming the information I sent you in the beginning of the week that indicated little if any utility to malathion use around barns (maybe some around milking parlors, but not barns). Mark Mossler

Responder: Wes Watson
State: NC
Date Requested: Mar 25, 2005
Response: Dr. Chin, To the best of our knowledge Malathion has been pulled by the EPA for house fly control in barns, refuse areas and dumps. If you have any information that counters this please let us know. Wes Watson Department of Entomology North Carolina State University

Responder: Paul Guillebeau
State: GA
Date Requested: Mar 28, 2005
Response: Request forwarded to UGA Extension animal entomologist. A week is an awfully short response time.

Responder: Kenneth Sorensen
State: NC
Date Requested: Mar 29, 2005
Response: Some malathion is used in sweetpotato storage houses for fruit flies and a general clean up! Pyrethrums are also used. Kenneth A. Sorensen Department of Entomology North Carolina State University

Responder: Mike Stringham
State: NC
Date Requested: Mar 29, 2005
Response: I've pretty much eliminated malathion from my recommendations for pest control around animals and animal facilities. This was done largely because its efficacy as a spray for many of the pests our producers deal with were negligible, and because chlorpyrifos, tetrachlorvinphos and dichlorvos products were more effective in confined ivestock and poultry production settings. The decision was also made due to the large number of "voluntary" label cancellations that were appearing in my searches - a clear sign that malathion was on the way out. I must say, however, that the poultry industry in particular cannot afford to lose many more pesticides. At present, they are essentially limited to pyrethroids and three organophosphates for the control of lesser mealworms (A. diaperinus). Anecdotal evidence suggests that the lesser mealworm has become resistant to pyrethroids. Many of the state's broiler producers have shifted to organophosphates as a result. My concern is that this pest will also develop resistance to this class of compounds in time. Mike Stringham Department of Entomology North Carolina State University

Responder: Kelly Loftin
State: AR
Date Requested: Mar 29, 2005
Response: Malathion is used for fly control around animal barns, refuse areas, etc. in Arkansas but not extensively. However, an important use of malathion and other organophosphate insecticides such as Rabon (tetrachlorvinphos) and Ravap (tetrachlorvinphos and dichlorvos) is management of pyrethroid resistant flies such as house flies, horn flies, etc. As resistance management becomes more of a concern, the availibility of other insecticide classes (such as organophosphates) becomes more critical. Kelly M. Loftin, Ph.D., BCE Assistant Professor Extension Entomologist, Livestock University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service P.O. Box 391 Little Rock, Arkansas 72203 501/671-2361 FAX 501/671-2252 Mobile 501/416-3684

Responder: Henry Fadamiro
State: AL
Date Requested: Mar 29, 2005
Not Important/Relevant to my state(s)
Response: Not important to Alabama

Responder: Robert (Bob) Bellinger
State: SC
Date Requested: May 10, 2005
Response: Steve, FYI, I received no return comment on this request; however, we do not have anyone working in this area (med/vet entomology) at Clemson. Bob B.

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