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Request ID: 118
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: May 05, 2005
Request: Here are the products that will be affected by the WP paint-on uses in question. This came from the EPA chemical review manager for TCVP. I have copied all the IPM Center directors in case they find this information useful. Kent Smith ------------------------------------ Hi Kent: Here are the registrations I found in our data base for paint-on uses: 47000-113 Roberts Dust'M 47000-123 Clean Crop Livestock 1% Dust 47000-125 Crown All Purpose Livestock & Poultry Dust w/Rabon 47000-126 Agri-Bon Aqua-50 (50% Wettable Powder w/Rabon) 61483-43 Rabon 50 WP Insecticide Dust 61483-45 Rabon 3 Insecticide Dust 61483-46 Rabon E.C. Livestock Poultry & Premise Insecticide Spray 61483-50 Ravap EC Livestock Poultry & Premise Insecticide Spray 67517-33 Residual Livestock & Poultry Insecticide 67517-40 Rabon Dust for Livestock and Poultry Let me know if you need anything else. Demson Demson Fuller Chemical Review Manager Special Review and Reregistration 703-308-8062 (work) 703-308-7042 (fax)

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