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Request ID: 136
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Jul 28, 2005
Request: Note the following request for information regarding mancozeb and cucurbits (cucumbers and squash) from the USDA Office of Pest Management Policy. Please circulate this request to the experts in your respective states/territories and submit any responses to the Southern Region IPM Center Information Requests Monitoring System as soons as possible, but no later than August 10, 2005. Thanks. Steve Toth ------------------------------------------- During the mancozeb REI discussions with EPA, which are coming to a close, it became apparent that many comments referred to 'daily harvesting' for some cucurbits (cucumbers and squash). EPA reminded me that there is a 5 day PHI that precludes this activity. So here is my question, are there any other activities, excluding harvesting, that need to be done following an application? Other activities could be mechanical cultivation, irrigation and hand weeding. These are all considered medium exposure activities and can have an REI of 1 or 2 days. But EPA needs to hear this directly from you. Otherwise the REI could be made similar to the PHI (5 days). Please respond as soon as possible. Thank you. Dhol Herzi Office of Pest Management Policy, USDA (202) 720-2664

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: FL
Date Requested: Jul 29, 2005
Response: Mancozeb use in squash follows a distribution of greater use in the first half of the crop. It is possible that irrigation piping or mechanical cultivation would be performed in the earlier parts of the season, but these are usually done prior to seeding. Hand weeding would definitely not be done as it is cost prohibitive. Harvest is really the only time manual labor interacts with this crop, as reported in the crop profile for squash in FL.

Responder: Allan Thornton
State: NC
Date Requested: Aug 15, 2005
Response: Prior to harvest it would be typical for growers to need to irrigate, hand weed, and possibly to cultivate following mancozeb applications. Irrigation has a wide range of possible exposure depending on the method. Center pivot and drip would be virtually no exposure risk while traveling reels and solid set would require more movement in the field. Cultivation would be less likely because many growers spray very little that early in the season, although downy mildew will require early sprays for fall production. Hand weeding would result in the most exposure risk. Allan Thornton Extension Associate Department of Horticultural Science North Carolina State University

Responder: Ples Spradley
State: AR
Date Requested: Aug 23, 2005
Not Important/Relevant to my state(s)
Response: Very little to no production of squash and cucumbers in Arkanssas.

Responder: Henry Fadamiro
State: AL
Date Requested: Oct 10, 2005
Not Important/Relevant to my state(s)
Response: Alabama is not a major producer of curcubits and squash

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