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Request ID: 137
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Aug 08, 2005
Request: Please note the following request for participants for a conference call regarding ecological risks of aldicarb (Temik). Phil Poli would like four people from our region. However, due to the fast turnaround required, I plan to send him a list of prospective individuals (state scientists and/or commodity group representatives) and their e-mail addresses and let them invite these folks (Due to the time of year, it is hard to get these folks to commit to a conference call on a Wednesday so we will be lucky to have a portion of those invited able to participate. Also, I don't have a time for this call yet, making it difficult to get a confirmation.). Please send the names and e-mail addresses of those you think should be included. This can include yourself, as a representative of these crops in your state. Thanks. Steve Toth P.S. This request arrived from Philip Poli last week while I was on vacation and dealing with Methyl Bromide CUE applications, so the urgency of the request is my fault. -------------------------------------------- Bayer CropScience (Gregg Storey, Ph.D) and USDA/OPMP are scheduling a conference call to discuss the aldicarb ecological risk assessment provided by EPA. Bayer would like to have the conference call on Wednesday, August 10th, so it must be arranged fairly quickly. I would ask you to supply to me the names, titles, phone numbers, and e-mail address of four people in your particular region, who you would invite to this conference call. These people should be state scientists and/or commodity group representatives involved with commodities being treated with aldicarb. The crops with federal labeled aldicarb uses are cotton, dry beans, peanuts, potatoes, citrus, sugar beets, tobacco, pecans, soybeans, grain sorghum, sweet potatoes, sugarcane and ornamentals. The names you provide, as well as yourselves, will be invited to the participate in this call with Bayer CropScience. We hope to provide current information to the grower groups and extension specialist in your region concerning EPA's risk status for aldicarb. Please forward to me the names and e-mail addresses of crop representatives you think would benefit from this call. Sorry, for the short time frame, but I only need four names from each Regional IPM Center. Thank you for your help. Philip J. Pol

Responder: Michael Weaver
State: VA
Date Requested: Aug 08, 2005
Response: I definitely think that someone from our Eastern Shore Agricultural Research and Extenstion Center in Painter, Virginia should be included in this conference call. Aldicarb was a big issue there with potato growers and because of the sandy soils on the Eastern Shore they also know the ecological issues involved. The contacts there are Dr. Henry Wilson ( and Tom Kuhar ( The telephone number there is: 757-414-0724. The only problem is this late notice - those folks are extremely busy this time of year and they may not be able to participate in the conference call without more time to schedule it. I hope this helps. Mike Weaver Southern IPM Center State Contact and Director, Virginia Tech Pesticide Programs 540-231-6543

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