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Request ID: 167
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Dec 13, 2006
Request: Please circulate the following information on the public comment period for aldicarb to interested persons in your respective states/territories. Note the January 16, 2007 deadline. Thanks. Steve Toth ----------------------------------------------- Dear Agricultural Colleagues: EPA has posted the revised risk assessment for aldicarb in the public docket. A 60 day comment period will close on January 16. EPA reviewed previously submitted information but is now requesting additional information and also risk management suggestions during this Phase 5 comment period. To submit a comment into the docket or to review the entire aldicarb risk assessment: Go to Insert "aldicarb" into the "Keyword or ID" field. You may also search by the docket identifier "EPA-HQ-OPP-2005-0163" The most recent EPA documents are on Pages 8 and 9 of the aldicarb docket pages. Keep pressing the forward button to go beyond Page 4 of 4 to reach Pages 5 through 9. Attached is the EPA "Note to Reader: Request for Additional Information and Risk Management Suggestions for the Reregistration of Aldicarb Phase 5 Public Comment Period, November 8, 2006" EPA has provided a summary discussion of human health, ecological, and benefits considerations. Your comments for the Public Docket is being solicited per the following: "The Agency is providing the following questions to help the public in preparing comments:" (1) Results of the drinking water dietary assessment suggest that there are risks to infants less than one year of age for the aldicarb use on peanuts/cotton in the southern coastal plain with 300 ft. setbacks from drinking water wells. In order to make the FQPA safety finding, OPP believes one option is to extend setbacks to 500 feet. What effect would this have on peanut and cotton farmers, and are there other options? (2) What pests do you feel aldicarb is critical in controlling on the following crops: sweet potato, dry beans, sorghum, soybeans, sugarcane, seed alfalfa, field grown ornamentals, tobacco, and coffee? (3) What alternatives, if any, do you believe are available to replace aldicarb use on sweet potato, dry beans, sorghum, soybeans, sugarcane, seed alfalfa, field grown ornamentals, tobacco, and coffee? [USDA Note: EPA's Aldicarb Alternatives Assessments for citrus, cotton, potatoes, pecans, sugar beets, peanuts and sweet potatoes are contained on Pages 8 and 9.] (4) What percentage of the use are aldicarb post-emergence applications, and is aldicarb only applied post emergence as a side dress application? (5) Against which pests and on which crops is the aldicarb post-emergence side dress application used, and how critical is this use? (6) What alternatives, if any, do you believe are available for the post-emergence side-dress use and how effective do you believe these alternatives to be? (7) What percentage of the use, if at all, are the broadcast and/or banded applications? (8) Against which pests and on which crops, if any, are broadcast and/or banded applications being used? (9) It is the Agency’s understanding that positive displacement application equipment is used in the majority of aldicarb applications to potatoes. What percentage of aldicarb applications involves use of positive displacement equipment on other crops? (10) Is positive displacement application equipment readily available and affordable for use on all crops? (11) What are the mitigation options that best address the risks of concern identified in the risk assessments? "Please provide as much detail and documentation in your comments as possible so that the Agency is fully informed in its decision-making." Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments or if you have trouble accessing any of the public docket documents. Teung F. Chin, Ph.D. Biological Scientist Office of Pest Management Policy Agricultural Research Service United States Department of Agriculture LOCATED AT: USDA Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service 4700 River Road, Unit 149 (Room 3D-06.8) Riverdale, MD 20737-1237 Phone (301) 734-8943 Fax (301) 734-5992

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: FL
Date Requested: Dec 13, 2006
Response: Florida's responses are part of the docket as of the July 17, 2006 call in.

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: PR
Date Requested: Dec 14, 2006
Response: Pest Management contacts have stated that aldicarb is not a component of their production systems.

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: VI
Date Requested: Dec 15, 2006
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