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Request ID: 198
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Jun 01, 2010
Request: Note that all maneb products have been cancelled and now EPA is proposing the revocation of all maneb tolerances (see attached file). Please inform your stakeholders and submit any comments to the Southern Region IPM Center's Information Requests Monitoring System before July 26, 2010. Steve Toth ---------------------------------------------------------- Dear Colleagues, All maneb products have been cancelled and now EPA is proposing the revocation of all maneb tolerances (see attached file). This revocation will probably become final after a 60-day comment period called for in this notice. Of course, comments received could change the time table for revocation. It has been a concern of this office, and I know many of you, that some of the cancelled uses of maneb have not been replaced by mancozeb registrations leaving producers without adequate management tools for some diseases. This has been especially true of bacterial spot on pepper. This has resulted from a continual delay in the registration of new uses of mancozeb which are now expected in September of this year. In the meantime emergency exemptions have been submitted by Georgia, New Jersey, and others for mancozeb on peppers for bacterial spot. These have not been acted on yet, apparently due to risk cup issues related to tolerances for EBDC fungicides (maneb and mancozeb). It is hoped that the revocation of maneb tolerances will alleviate the risk cup issues and allow new uses for mancozeb to be registered or at least approved for emergency exemptions. Sincerely, Kent Kent L. Smith, Ph.D. Plant Pathologist USDA, ARS, AO Office of Pest Management Policy Washington, DC (202) 720-3186

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: FL
Date Requested: Jun 02, 2010
Response: The regulatory network is interacting with stakeholders to inform them of this action. Input will be provided to EPA regarding this issue.

Responder: Michael Weaver
State: VA
Date Requested: Jul 19, 2010
Response: We contacted stakeholders statewide with this information. There has been little feedback as to whether this will affect growers. I would expect most people don't know what to think of this action and because there are few uses left, we could have easily missed those potentially affected by the change. One issue that is of concern is that this tolerance revocation comes in the middle of the growing season. It would be better if this were delayed until after harvest or close to the end of the season to avoid adulteration of crops in the field. There is a possibility that stocks exist out there that could be used this season. Pulling a tolerance with actively growing crops puts growers in a situation where they could be treating plants up to the revocation date, stop on that date, and still violate the order because of carryover of residues beyond the revocation date. It would be better to avoid this by changing the date until late in the season or during the winter - perhaps December 31, 2010?

Responder: Mark Matocha
State: TX
Date Requested: Jul 23, 2010
Response: The tolerance revocation(s) for maneb should not cause serious pest management problems for Texas producers. However, this is only true as long as the tolerances/registrations for mancozeb are maintained, as it is an extremely important disease management tool for Texas.

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