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Request ID: 199
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Jul 19, 2010
Request: Please note the request for literature on the efficacy of malathion for public health pests (mosquitoes). If your stakeholders have the required data, please send them to Ted Rogers at the address below and copy the information to the Information Requests Moniotoring System. Thanks. Steve Toth ------------------------------------------------- Dear Colleagues: The registrant Cheminova is intending to comply with an EPA request for efficacy data for the use of malathion for public health pests. Because the costs of generating efficacy data according to GLP requirements would excessive, Cheminova reviewed the public literature but could only find certain data for mosquitoes for one of their products. Efficacy Data and/or Published Literature are needed for: 50 % and 57% Emulsifiable Concentrate (flies, biting flies, midges, other public health pests AND mosquitoes) (there are numerous formulations) Fyfanon ULV (flies, biting flies, midges, other public health pests - NONE needed for mosquitoes) (EPA Reg. Number 67760-34) If you are aware of any data or literature data, please send to No immeidate rush. We have several weeks to send any information on to EPA. Thank you! Teung Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Best regards, Teung ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teung F. Chin, Ph.D. Biologist Office of Pest Management Policy Agricultural Research Service United States Department of Agriculture LOCATED AT: 1400 Independence Avenue, S.W. Room 3871 - South Bldg. Mail Stop 0315 Washington DC, 20250-0315 Phone (202) 720-3481 (temporary) Fax (202) 720-3191

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: FL
Date Requested: Jul 20, 2010
Response: Contact has been made throughout the FL network for data supporting the use. Data will be submitted to USDA ASAP.

Responder: Robert (Bob) Bellinger
State: SC
Date Requested: Aug 04, 2010
Response: Contacts in SC are not aware of any literature, etc. on Cheminova malathion product efficacy.

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