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Request ID: 57
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Aug 13, 2009
Request: This is a request for comments on the "master label" for MGK-264 received from Wilfred Burr of the USDA Office of Pest Management Policy. This is a lengthy technical document (30 pages). If there is someone in your state that is interested in reviewing and commenting on this document, please distribute it to them and send me their responses. If not, please let me know as well. Thanks. Steve Toth

Responder: Robert Bellinger
State: SC
Date Requested:
Response: Steve, I had no takers on this request. We do not have anyone working on animal pests or anyone doing veterinary recommendations at Clemson and have not for sometime now. This is not used by our mosquito folks and they do not forsee any use. I copied my request to some folks in Georgia. You might have heard from them but I have not. Bob Bellinger Clemson

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