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Request ID: 63
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Mar 30, 2004
Request: The following request was received from Wilfred Burr, USDA/OPMP. Please check with your contacts in your respective state/territory and send us your reply (even if your reply is that cycloate is not important). Thanks, Steve Toth Assoc. Director Southern Region IPM Center REQUEST: Wilfred Burr USDA/OPMP 1400 Independence Ave. SW Washington, DC 20250-0315 202-720-8647 03/26/04 07:42AM Good morning, This is a question I received from Carmen Rodia at EPA. Cycloate is going throught the "process" now and apparently they have discovered worker risks. Please pass this on to those who might know how important cycloate is to growers of the crops listed in Carmen's email. If you receive any responses send them directly to Carmen at and please cc me at: Thanks so much for your help. Wilfred Wilfred, As a follow-up to my last e-mail, I wanted to let you know that it looks like there are worker risk problems for the herbicide cycloate. What can you tell us about how necessary cycloate is for the sugar beet, table beet and spinach growers? Also, what are the typical application rates used for Cycloate?? Please advise. Regards, Carmen J. Rodia, Jr. Chemical Review Manager U.S. EPA, Office of Pesticide Programs Special Review & Reregistration Division, RB2 (703) 306-0327 (tel) (703) 308-8041 (fax) Visit:

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