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Request ID: 76
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Apr 14, 2004
Request: The industry-sponsored Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) has developed an insecticide mode of action classification table and supporting materials in an effort to help insecticide users to manage insecticide resistance through the proper alternation of insecticides from different chemical classes. These materials can be found at the IRAC web site at: The Southern Region IPM Center is currently working with the IRAC to develop a stand-alone insecticide resistance fact sheet that can be used by Land-grant university Extension specialists and researchers in the South to promote insecticide resistance management. Initially, printed and electronic copies of the fact sheet will be distributed throughout the Southern Region for use at field days, scouting schools, etc. Eventually, it is hoped that the information in the fact sheet will be adapted for and incorporated into existing Extension and research publications for widespread distribution and use by growers, consultants, etc. The first draft of the fact sheet is attached in a Word document. Please review this draft and send me your comments, criticisms, suggestions, corrections, etc. You can make changes directly on the attached document and return it to me; however, please denote the changes in a different font type (e.g., red) so I will be able to see your changes. I need your comments by Wednesday, April 28, 2004. Also, I would be interested in your opinions on if this is a sound approach to help growers in managing insecticide resistance and would/could you and others use this fact sheet in Extension, teaching, etc. Tom Anderson of BASF Corp. is working with the Southern Region IPM Center in this effort. He is sending the draft fact sheet to IRAC members for their input. The Environmental Protection Agency is becoming increasingly interested in insecticide resistance management and possible labeling requirements regarding insecticide mode of action. The agency is also interested achieving insecticide resistance management through educational efforts. Thanks for your help with this project. Steve Toth Associate Director (Regulatory Issues) Southern Region IPM Center

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