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Request ID: 79
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: May 21, 2004
Request: The following request for information regarding critical uses of malathion in agriculture is from Teung Chin, USDA's Office of Pest Management Policy. There is a list of malathion uses that are not being supported by the registrant. Please respond if some of these uses are still important in your respective state/territory. Dear Agricultural Colleagues: EPA is revising the risk assessment for malathion to incorporate further adjustments. As you recall, the public comment period for the most recent revised risk assessment closed in November 2000. EPA has now conveyed that a new malathion risk assessment will be completed in the late summer-early fall time frame and will be released with a 60 day public comment period in October 2004. Risk mitigation decisions, if needed, will then be made and a planned issuance of the Reregistration Eligibility Decision (RED) in May '05. Currently, EPA is working with the technical registrant and end-product formulators to harmonize malathion labels with respect to use sites, maximum application rates, etc. Future risk mitigation decisions, if any, will be based on a review of the 150 or so labels which they believe to be the "major" malathion labels. EPA, wishing to not overlook any malathion labels which may be crucial for agriculture, has asked USDA for assistance. Accordingly, we are requesting your feedback as to which malathion product labels, if any, fill a niche, are critical for your use site(s) and which could be overlooked. Providing the EPA Registration Number, the crop(s)/livestock/poultry use site of interest, the maximum application rate needed, the pest(s) of concern and your contact information will facilitate our future discussions with EPA. Also, please recall that the technical registrant had conveyed in 2000 to EPA that a number of uses would not be supported during reregistration. From the November 2000 EPA Technical Briefing, the following uses are not being supported by the technical registrant: 1. All pet uses 2. All livestock uses 3. All indoor uses (except for some stored commodities and storage facilities, and mushroom houses). 4. All greenhouse uses 5. All open-forest land uses 6. All seed treatments 7. Almonds (including hulls and shells) 8. Cranberries 9. Filberts 10. Peanuts (including forage, hay, storage storage facilities) 11. Peavines (including hay) 12. Safflower seed 13. Soybeans (including hay and forage) 14. Sugar beets 15. Sunflower seed 16. Tobacco 17. Treated raisin trays 18. All pressurized can formulations If the above uses are critical for your organization, please let us know as well, including the EPA Registration Number for the associated malathion product. For your additional information, the technical registrant has conveyed that a request for voluntary cancellation is under way for broadcast home lawn use. Attached is the 1998 EPA Quantitative Usage Analysis for malathion. Please forward this request to others who might be interested. EPA will be ready for our information in about a month's time so please provide any comments to me by July 1. This mailing list will be used for future information transmissions as we complete the RED process for malathion by May '05. Please do not hesitate to contact me, your USDA contact, if you have any questions or comments. Cordially, Teung ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Teung F. Chin, Ph.D. Biological Scientist Office of Pest Management Policy Agricultural Research Service United States Department of Agriculture Located at: APHIS 4700 River Road, Unit 149 (Room 5A66) Riverdale, MD 20737-1237 Phone (301) 734-8943 Fax (301) 734-5992

Responder: Christine Casey
State: NC
Date Requested:
Response: I do not view the greenhouse uses as critical in North Carolina. In fact I'm not sure this product is even used in greenhouses any more. Christine Casey Department of Entomology North Carolina State University

Responder: Kenneth Sorensen
State: NC
Date Requested:
Response: Malathion in the greenhouse and plant production houses for pests would be great to retain. Kenneth Sorensen Department of Entomology North Carolina State University

Responder: Sterling Southern
State: NC
Date Requested:
Response: I will speak only regarding tobacco. Malathion use in tobacco is limited (less I think than indicated in the table). There are no critical uses in tobacco that I am aware of. Thus, I would not fight to retain the material for use on tobacco. Sterling Southern Department of Entomology North Carolina State University

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