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Request ID: 82
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Jun 18, 2004
Request: The following request is from Philip Poli, USDA Agricultural Research Service, regarding the importance of pesticide DICOFOL on selected fruit and nut crops: Subject: DICOFOL From: Philip Poli The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is asking about the importance of Dicofol for the stone fruit commodities (especially in California), the citrus commodities (esp. in California) and the nuts crop commodities (esp. pecans in Georgia). If dicofol is important to any of these crops in your area, please let me know by Friday, June 18th. It is very important that you submit any dicofol use information which concerns these crops. EPA needs this information in order to support the need for dicofol use on these crops and without it the use may be lost. Information needed (if possible): 1) The typical application rates, number of seasonal applications, and application methods used for these crops? 2) What critical needs are there in your area for dicofol and what insect(s) and/or disease(s) does it control in your particular commodity? 3) What is the maximum REI that a grower of these crops could handle? 4) Is there a particular need within you state or region, which dicofol is needed because of weather, pests, etc.? Please provide EPA detailed information concerning any critical needs for dicofol use on "any crop" in your region. You may send all information directly to me at Thank you for all your help with these important use questions for these crops and pesticide.

Responder: Bob Bellinger
State: SC
Date Requested:
Response: Information request received in the afternoon of the day the information was requested to be in to the EPA (see Request text).

Responder: Jim Criswell
State: OK
Date Requested:
Response: Since we got your request today (6-18) and you want a reply today (6-18), Oklahoma does have needs for dicofol in various production systems for mites and mite resistant managment programs. We will provide you with more detail when Charles Luper is out with his dad who had heart surgery returns. Also, our ento extension folks are out today. Jim T Criswell 127 NRC, OSU Stillwater, OK 74078-3033 405.744.5531 405.744.6039 FAX

Responder: Mark Mossler
State: FL
Date Requested:
Response: Phil, In looking at dicofol use in pecan for FL, MS, and LA, it appears that hexythiazox has replaced this material for mite management. Hope this helps, Mark Mossler FL IPMC

Responder: David Ritchie
State: NC
Date Requested:
Response: This is a little out of my area, if a miticide is used on peaches it is most likely to one of the newer products. From my standpoint I do not see major concerns in not having dicofol for peaches in North Carolina. Dave Ritchie Plant Pathologist North Carolina State University

Responder: Ples Spradley
State: AR
Date Requested:
Response: Arkansas no longer recommends dicofol for use on stone fruits and pecans and it is not reported as being used by growers.

Responder: Darrell Hensley
State: TN
Date Requested:
Response: Forwarded from Dr. Frank Hale, Professor Entomology at UT. "Dear Mr. Poli, I am not aware of any uses of dicofol for stone fruit or nut crops in Tennessee. Our regional stone fruit guide does not recommend dicofol. We do not have a big pecan industry in Tennessee and I do not think that mites are an important pest on pecans that growers would be spraying. Regards, Frank A. Hale, PhD Professor Entomology and Plant Pathology University of Tennessee Agricultural Extension Service 5201 Marchant Drive Nashville, TN 37211-5112 (615) 832-6802 fax (615) 781-2568"

Responder: Charles Luper
State: OK
Date Requested:
Response: Dicofol not a big importance to Oklahoma grower groups as it has been replaced by other products in cotton, ornamentals etc. We did have one specialist list it importance for homeowner mite control and corn use but no homeowner products are still registered in Oklahoma and no products list corn as a use site.

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