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Request ID: 90
Request From: Steve Toth
Date Requested: Sep 24, 2004
Request: Please forward the following information to those in your respective states and territories that may have information to offer on chemigation. Send the responses to us and we will collate the information for the Southern Region. Thanks. Steve Toth ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Subject: Ag Handler Exposure Task Force Chemigation Questions Dear Colleagues: The Ag Handler Task Force is continuing to respond to worker exposure data requirements for ag handlers as requested by EPA, the California Department of Pesticide Regulations, and Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency. I am the USDA representative for growers during meetings of the Joint Regulatory Committee (JRC) when the three regulatory agencies and the Task Force meet to discuss a range of worker exposure data issues. We are requesting your assistance in profiling the chemigation practices of growers. Attached is a questionnaire prepared by AHETF, general information and also contact information for the Ag Handler Exposure Task Force. The next meeting of the JRC will take place at the end of October. Could I please receive all your responses by October 18? Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or comments. Cordially, Teung F. Chin, Ph.D. Biological Scientist Office of Pest Management Policy Agricultural Research Service United States Department of Agriculture Located at: APHIS 4700 River Road, Unit 149 (Room 5A66) Riverdale, MD 20737-1237 Phone: (301) 734-8943; Fax: (301) 734-5992 E-mail:

Responder: Ples Spradley
State: AR
Date Requested:
Response: Attached is the response from the Arkansas Ag. Engineer - Irrigation concerning your request for chemigation information. Sorry for the delay in getting you the information, but it looks like we don't have much to offer. Ples J. Ples Spradley Associate Professor Department of Plant Pathology Cooperative Extension Service University of Arkansas P.O. Box 391 2301 S. University Little Rock, AR 72203 501-671-2234 Mobile: 501-944-0941 FAX: 501-671-2252 Subject: Re: Fwd: SRIPMC Information Request From: "Phil Tacker" Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 To: "Ples Spradley" CC: "Cynthia Corbitt" Ples, Finally got around to looking at this survey. I can put in some guesstimates but I really question how helpful it will be. My gut feeling is that we don't really have enough to report and I couldn't really adequately describe it for the information form that they want it in. I will still make some guesstimates if you want me to but my suggestion is that we just respond by saying we don't have enough info. Let me know what you think. Looks like they wanted reply by the 18th. thanks, Phil Tacker

Responder: Robert (Bob) Bellinger
State: SC
Date Requested: May 10, 2005
Response: Steve, FYI, I forwarded this request to our regulatory agency, the Dept. of Pesticide Regulation, here at Clemson. I did not receive any response from them on this. They may have responded more directly. Bob B.

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