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Request ID Date Requestor Subject Action
208 08/24/2011 Steve Toth Contacts for Regulatory Information Network in Southern Region: See the information request regarding chloroneb (fungicide seed treatment) from Ken ... View Responses
199 07/19/2010 Steve Toth Efficacy data for the use of malathion for public health pests View Responses
198 06/01/2010 Steve Toth Revocation of all maneb tolerances View Responses
197 05/04/2010 Steve Toth Methidathion (Supracide) Cancellation View Responses
196 01/15/2010 Steve Toth Assistance from pest management specialists regarding dimethoate View Responses
195 11/13/2009 Steve Toth Questions about endosulfan use on sweet potatoes View Responses
194 09/28/2009 Steve Toth Comment periods for three herbicides (sulfentrazone, pronamide, and tebuthiuron) View Responses
55 08/13/2009 Steve Toth Pyrethins master label View Responses
56 08/13/2009 Steve Toth piperonyl butoxide master label View Responses
57 08/13/2009 Steve Toth MGK264 master label View Responses
193 07/27/2009 Steve Toth Comments on Changes in Azinphos-methyl Registrations View Responses
191 01/23/2009 Steve Toth Proposal by EPA to develop new chemigation labeling View Responses
192 01/23/2009 Steve Toth NRDC request to EPA to revoke all 2,4-D registrations View Responses
190 11/14/2008 Steve Toth Identify data needs associated with Registration Review View Responses
189 10/22/2008 Jim VanKirk Opportunity to update Pest Management Alternative Program regional priorities View Responses
186 05/05/2008 Steve Toth Use of Carbaryl in Floriculture West of Mississippi River View Responses
183 02/16/2008 Steve Toth Malathion on gooseberries View Responses
184 02/16/2008 Steve Toth Malathion Use on Tobacco View Responses
182 11/21/2007 Steve Toth EBDC fungicides on potatoes: petition to reduce PHI View Responses
181 10/26/2007 Steve Toth Grower Interest in Malathion Use on Selected Crops View Responses
178 10/12/2007 Steve Toth Advance notice of 60-day comment period for aldicarb View Responses
179 10/12/2007 Steve Toth Advance notice of 60-day comment period for aldicarb View Responses
180 10/12/2007 Steve Toth Comment on Endosulfan Risk Mitigation Measures View Responses
177 08/28/2007 Steve Toth Comments Requested on EPA's Analysis of Methomyl Use on Grapes View Responses
176 08/03/2007 Steve Toth Avitrol Usage, Crop/target site, Pest controlled View Responses
175 07/16/2007 Steve Toth Information Request: DDVP (Dichlorvos) use in livestock operations View Responses
174 05/09/2007 Steve Toth Questions Regarding Nicotine Use on Nursery and Ornamental Crops View Responses
172 03/26/2007 Steve Toth Ferbam use on grapes and cherries View Responses
173 03/26/2007 Steve Toth EPA's proposed risk mitigation decision for 9 rodenticides View Responses
171 03/14/2007 Steve Toth Crops Identified for Soil Fumigant Assessment: Need Your Input by March 30, 2007 View Responses
170 03/07/2007 Steve Toth Use of Aldicarb (Temik) in Peanuts as a Side Dressing View Responses
169 02/22/2007 Steve Toth Information Request: Methomyl and Thiodicarb on Sweet Corn and Head Lettuce View Responses
168 02/13/2007 Steve Toth Contacts regarding soil fumigation in orchard establishment View Responses
166 12/13/2006 Steve Toth Price of metaldehyde for Slug Control View Responses
167 12/13/2006 Steve Toth Aldicarb Comment Period View Responses
165 12/01/2006 Steve Toth Malathion Registration for Sugarbeets View Responses
164 10/25/2006 Steve Toth Malathion Rate/Number of Applications on Blueberries View Responses
163 09/29/2006 Steve Toth Malathion Use on Christmas Trees View Responses
162 08/25/2006 Steve Toth Aldicarb on Sweetpotatoes: Need Reply by August 30 View Responses
160 08/09/2006 Steve Toth Comments on miticide/insecticide Formetanate HCl IRED View Responses
161 08/09/2006 Steve Toth Comments Requested by EPA for Dimethoate IRED View Responses
159 06/21/2006 Steve Toth Subject: Post-Harvest Uses of Mineral Oil View Responses
157 06/01/2006 Steve Toth Aldicarb Information Request View Responses
158 06/01/2006 Steve Toth Information Request for Copper Rates on Selected Crops View Responses
156 05/18/2006 Steve Toth Lowering Rates of Petroleum Oils on Citrus View Responses
155 05/11/2006 Steve Toth Malathion ULV Application Rates View Responses
154 04/13/2006 Steve Toth Metaldehyde use for snails and slugs in agriculture, home/gardens, public lands View Responses
152 04/07/2006 Steve Toth Malathion Rates, Applications, Reentry Intervals, Etc. View Responses
153 04/07/2006 Steve Toth Post-harvest Use of Malathion on Rice Need to be Retained? View Responses
151 03/17/2006 Steve Toth Risk mitigation for dimethoate for Woody Orna. and Christmas Tree Nurseries View Responses
150 03/15/2006 Steve Toth Information Request for Botran (DCNA, dicloran) View Responses
147 03/10/2006 Steve Toth Information Request for Malathion Use on Ocra View Responses
148 03/10/2006 Steve Toth Permethrin Use Rates and Intervals View Responses
149 03/10/2006 Steve Toth Malathion Use on Walnuts, Almonds and Pecans View Responses
146 03/06/2006 Steve Toth PCNB seed treatment for barley, peas, rice and soybeans View Responses
145 03/03/2006 Steve Toth Proposed Dimethoate Risk Mitigation View Responses
144 02/24/2006 Information Request for Carbofuran (Furadan) - Deadline April 1, 2006 View Responses
143 01/05/2006 Steve Toth Questions Regarding Dimethoate Use View Responses
142 10/26/2005 Steve_Toth Information Needed on Malathion Use on Citrus in FL, and TX View Responses
141 08/19/2005 Steve Toth Aldicarb Comments Requested by EPA by MONDAY, AUGUST 22 View Responses
137 08/08/2005 Steve Toth Aldicarb Conference Call - I need list of names today! View Responses
136 07/28/2005 Steve Toth Question on Mancozeb and Cucurbits (Cucumbers and Squash) View Responses
135 07/21/2005 Steve Toth Information Request for Herbicide Ametryn View Responses
133 07/11/2005 Steve_Toth Napropamide Uses View Responses
132 07/05/2005 Steve Toth PCNB In-furrow Treatments View Responses
130 06/29/2005 Steve Toth Mancozeb Mitigation Measures View Responses
131 06/29/2005 Steve Toth Chloroneb as Cotton and Soybean Seed Treatments View Responses
129 06/21/2005 Ron Stinner Information on effort required View Responses
128 06/20/2005 Steve Toth Use of ferbam on cranberries, citrus, mangos (24c), nectarines, and peaches View Responses
127 06/03/2005 Steve Toth Additional Questions from EPA regarding Oxytetracycline and Streptomycin View Responses
126 05/20/2005 Steve Toth Questions Regarding Use of Streptomycin and Oxytetracycline View Responses
125 05/10/2005 Steve Toth Question Regarding Dimethipin Application Rate on Cotton View Responses
118 05/05/2005 Steve Toth Tetrachlorvinphos on Livestock/Poultry (continued) - List of Products View Responses
117 05/04/2005 Steve Toth Information Request for Tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP) on Poultry/Livestock View Responses
116 04/14/2005 Steve Toth Question regarding buffers for chlorsulfuron View Responses
115 04/08/2005 Steve Toth Malathion Uses to be Cancelled; Need Your Review of List View Responses
113 03/29/2005 Steve Toth Bulk Containers View Responses
114 03/29/2005 Steve Toth Question Regarding EBDC Fungicides View Responses
109 03/25/2005 Steve Toth Napropamide (Devrinol) 60-day comment period View Responses
110 03/25/2005 Steve Toth Malathion use for fly control around barns, refuse areas and dumps View Responses
111 03/25/2005 Steve Toth Grower Survey for Azinphos-methyl Use Information View Responses
112 03/25/2005 Steve Toth Chloroneb Information Request View Responses
108 03/09/2005 Steve Toth Propanil Rate Change on Rice - Response Needed by Friday View Responses
107 02/15/2005 Steve Toth Usage Information for Risk Assessment for EBDC Fungicides View Responses
106 01/28/2005 Steve Toth Information on Critical Uses of PCNB Fungicide Needed View Responses
100 01/12/2005 Steve Toth What are typical rates for 2,4-D on Rangeland/Pastureland? View Responses
98 11/30/2004 Steve Toth OPP update on simazine and propazine and request View Responses
93 10/15/2004 Steve Toth Dicofol uses View Responses
91 09/28/2004 Steve Toth preliminary risk assessment for chlorsulfuron. View Responses
90 09/24/2004 Steve Toth chemigation practices of growers View Responses
86 09/10/2004 Steve Toth mitigation phase with cycloate View Responses
85 08/06/2004 Steve Toth Thiram uses View Responses
84 07/22/2004 Steve Toth select agent list controls View Responses
83 06/25/2004 Steve Toth RED for captan View Responses
81 06/18/2004 Steve Toth Ferbam uses View Responses
82 06/18/2004 Steve Toth Dicofol uses View Responses
80 05/27/2004 Steve Toth Benfluralin on Small Seeded Legumes View Responses
79 05/21/2004 Steve Toth critical uses of malathion View Responses
76 04/14/2004 Steve Toth IRAC Mode of Action labeling View Responses
75 04/13/2004 Steve Toth worker exposure as a result of cabbage thinning and harvesting View Responses
63 03/30/2004 Steve Toth Cycloate risks View Responses
58 12/22/2003 Steve Toth MB critical use exemption View Responses
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