Southern Region School IPM Working Group History

National School IPM Steering Committee Resources

Agenda for Steering Committee Meeting (doc attached – agenda)

Maine school IPM toolkit link – information to assist change agents with IPM implementation

Metric Summary (document draft of what metrics still need collecting for 2008 and 2010)

Excel spreadsheet of suggested timeline to achieve PRIA 2010 grant objectives

PRIA 2010 Grant (full grant narrative of PRIA 2010)

PRIA 2008 Performance measures (Breakdown of goals achieved from PRIA 2008)

Protocol for school IPM (Lessons learned document from PRIA 2008 – how to implement a demonstration project)

School IPM 2015 discussion (open discussion document to facilitate discussion on PRIA 2008)

Summary of PRIA 2010 (Projected grant deliverables for PRIA 2010 – open to discussion)